Luke Machin

Guitars & Vocal

Luke Machin has been playing the guitar ever since he first picked one up at the age of two. With Machin, it’s not the fact that by the time he was 22 he’d played on stages with Jeff Beck, Francis Dunnery, Pain of Salvation or Robert Plant that make him interesting. As soon as you see the man play you know why all these things happened to him. A student of Guthrie Govan, Machin seamlessly combines fluid jazz lines with pyrotechnic shredding to create his trademark sound. Luke is more than a complete guitarist, he’s a complete musician, and with his own Progressive Metal band “Maschine” he’s a composer too.

With Maschine, Luke has composed, engineered and produced 2 studio records both released on German Progressive Rock label ‘Inside Out Music’. They went onto become winners of Prog Magazines ‘Best new band’ readers' poll and Classic Rock Society's ‘Best new band award’ with their debut album “Rubidium”. It is of little wonder that he came out of one of Britain’s most prestigious music schools (Brighton Institute Of Modern Music) as “Student Of The Year”.

Later his performance on “The Tangent’s” COMM album earned him a number 2 poll placing in an international guitarist Prog poll that had Steve Hackett (Genesis) as his only peer and achieving a top 10 place for Prog Magazines “Guitarist of the year”. Recently, Machin is wielding his axe once again for supergroup “Kiama” who have just released their debut record earlier this year already earning Luke a top 10 “Best Guitarist” poll from the Classic Rock Society.

“I strive for my own style and sound. When you listen to Pink Floyd, for example, you immediately hear the unmistakable voice of Dave Gilmour’s fret work. That instinct for originality of expression is what defines my approach to music” he explains. “I would say the same about my onstage performance. And when it comes to performing live, I believe if you give the audience energy they will give it back.”

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